Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Health and Telemedicine – Programme Under Development

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  • Award title

    Postgraduate Certificate

  • Programme duration

    8 months

Entry requirements

  • Evidence of proficiency in the English language

  • Full employment in a medical practice throughout the duration of the programme

  • Medical or health-related science degree granted by a recognised institution

What will I study?

  • Digital Health Technologies & Systems
  • Design thinking and participative design
  • Evaluation of solutions
  • Leading change in digital health
  • Digital health ecosystems
  • Electronic Medical Records & Data Management
  • Data acquisition, storage, management and governance
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


  • Uses of digital health solutions in chronic disease mgmt.
  • Older adults, caregivers, service providers
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Assistive technologies
  • Innovations that promote well-being and self-management
  • Wearable & implantable technologies
  • Telehealth
  • Digital Health Policy
  • Digital health and clinical decision making
  • Smart pharma
  • Ethical issues and risks associated with digital health
  • Evaluation and impact of digital health solutions on patients, service and healthcare practitioners

Programme benefits

Upon completion of this programme, you will:

  • understand the impact digital health solutions , can have on patients, professionals and healthcare systems
  • have enhanced confidence in design thinking, participative design and the evaluation, selection and implementation of digital health solutions
  • employ effective communication, collaborative and leadership skills when planning and developing a plan of care that incorporates eHealth solutions
  • have an understanding of managerial, social, regulatory, and ethical implications of the use of technology in healthcare
  • have exposure to research and current scientific evidence relating to digital health
  • have access to a community of global leaders in healthcare technology and digital health

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