iheed wins award at EdTechX 2019

The iheed team recognised at EdtechXEurope 2019 with the annual award for their impact in medical education across the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

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iheed introduces new partnerships at Wonca EMR 2019

Dr Kunal Patel and Mr Anthony Cahill of the iheed team are pleased to attend the Sixth Wonca East Mediterranean Family Medicine Congress, where they will be speaking and announcing iheed’s new academic partnerships.

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New Publication on The Dynamics of Pharmacists and Interprofessional Roles within the Community and Primary Care

Integrated health care and an understanding of the role of pharmacists within such systems are essential for strengthening health systems and primary care. A new paper, which iheed has contributed to has been published this month focusing on the dynamics between those that provide such care and community pharmacists

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MedX 2017: Innovation and the path to Universal Health Coverage (Memotext)

Health care systems face ever-growing challenges: widening inequalities, emerging infectious and environmental risks, the rise of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), and ageing populations.
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iheed speaks at PEI Spotlight Seminar: The Future of Public Health in Africa (Planet Earth Institute)

Africa faces the world’s most dramatic health crisis. Accounting for 24% of the global disease burden, the challenges the continent faces are many and complex, with growing inequities in access to health services and health outcomes across the region.

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