Module 1 Understanding Evidence in Practice

This Master Of Science In Clinical Research course provides students with a conceptual framework of research undertaken in clinical and medical settings.  It will focus on responsible, ethical research and prepare students to search for evidence, evaluate literature and examine the design of research.

Principal module aims

This module enables students to:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with different types of research.

  • Articulate a research question and appreciate the ethical implications of different study designs.

  • Appraise published research.

Learning outcomes

  • Illustrate the different types of clinical research and evaluate the characteristics of a ‘good’ research question.

  • Evaluate the key responsibilities of clinical researchers.

  • Appraise the stages involved in conducting clinical research.

  • Compare and contrast different types of quantitative and qualitative study design and principles for selecting an appropriate research design to answer a research question.

  • Critique the importance of ethics and regulation in research.

  • Evaluate the tools available to assess the quality of, and critically appraise, published research.

  • Explain and justify the mechanisms to develop and record a search strategy and effectively use online library resources.

Teaching Topics

The outline syllabus gives an indication of the sort of topics that will be covered in the module.

  • Introduction to Clinical Research

  • Research Ethics & Governance

  • Introduction to Evidence-Based Research and Practice

  • Developing and Refining Clinical Research Questions

  • Finding and Appraising the Evidence

  • The Research Challenge


Clinical Research Report (70%)

A 2,000-word written report demonstrating the development and execution of a systematic search of the literature related to clinical research. 

Clinical Research Examination (30%)

A 60-minute examination of the fundamentals of clinical research and evaluation, comprising MCQ and Key Feature Problem questions. The examination of this module will take place at the end of the module.