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University of Warwick Masters in Healthcare Leadership

Duration: 24 Months

University of Warwick

Leadership has never been more important in healthcare. It is a vital factor in highly ranked healthcare organisations where capable, high-quality leaders, who embody a collective leadership style, are essential to support high-quality patient care. Clinicians are viewed as credible leaders, whether they feel so themselves or not. Indeed, many healthcare workers take on important leadership responsibilities throughout their career, managing large teams and complex organisations. However leadership and management skills are not acquired during clinical undergraduate training. The clinician is never taught how to step away from the physician-patient relationship and examine problems at a systems level.

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Programme Details

The MSc in healthcare leadership and management online is a pragmatic course, designed and delivered by world-renowned medical leaders, comprehensively closes the gap in clinician leadership competency.

Whether you are a clinician seeking to move away from direct care or a senior administrator looking to take up a managerial role in a healthcare setting, this online Masters in Healthcare Leadership is designed to give you a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on the changing face of healthcare. The course provides a highly engaging, richly informative and convenient educational opportunity for busy professionals and is accessible through a dedicated state-of-the-art online learning environment. 

About the University of Warwick

About the University of Warwick

Ranked 9th in the UK and 61st in the World, the University of Warwick is a world-leading Russell Group institution. It is an internationally-recognised centre of excellence delivering the highest standards of education, research, information and materials to improve the quality of healthcare globally.

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Why the University of Warwick?

  • Top 10 UK university
  • 7th within the Russell Group ranking
  • A global centre of academic excellence
A world-class student experience

A world-class student experience

The Masters in healthcare leadership is a truly transformative user experience that also covers administration. The content is rich, compelling, engaging and innovative. It includes interactive video, 2D & 3D animations, medical imagery and instructional competency-focused pedagogy. Students will interact and engage in:

  • Weekly synchronous online tutorials throughout the course

  • Highly interactive content and tutor-moderated discussion forums

  • Reflective exercises to test your thinking and learning application

The programme management team provide superb mentorship and pastoral care to ensure high engagement and pass rates.

Who is this programme for?

Who is this programme for?

The programme is aimed at all clinical and non-clinical professionals who want to pursue healthcare leadership and management by doing a medical leadership courses online. You must be working in a medical setting in order to do this programme.
The programme will develop your understanding and skillset while establishing robust and effective leadership practices suitable for any healthcare environment, from a small practice to larger clinical environment. Although this is a masters in healthcare leadership it is similar to a masters in healthcare administration and it does cover administration also.

Programme Overview

This programme blends self-directed learning and Tutor-led group learning. Throughout the programme, you'll engage in: online group tutorials, tutor-moderated discussion forums, interactive case studies, reflective exercises. The programme is broken down into the following modules:

Programme Modules:

  • Understanding leadership and management

  • Understanding motivation

  • Influencing skills

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Assignment guidance tutorials & self-directed learning

  • Understanding safety, quality and performance in healthcare settings

  • Understanding new constructs of patient safety

  • Key concepts and processes of enquiry

  • Key models for developing effective improvement plans

  • Working with providers and consumers iteratively to design safer and high-quality systems

  • Analysis underpinning service improvement

  • Evidence based systems diagnosis

  • Learning, Discovery and Problem solving frameworks

  • Appreciative inquiry in Leadership Development & Organisational change

  • Using feedback in healthcare assessments

  • Reframing Organisations

  • The definition and drivers of engagement

  • Putting feedback into action

  • Establishing trust

  • Leading with purpose

  • Reactions to change – understanding optimism vs pessimism

  • Key models of change

  • Overcoming resistance in yourself

  • Planning to deliver change – change champions

  • Understanding the viral nature of behavioural change

  • Project managing change

  • Stakeholder analysis and bringing people together

  • Helping others to interpret future impact of decisions

  • Creating cross sectoral collaborations

  • Framing the context for change

  • Policy Analysis, development and implementation

Your research-based professional project will culminate in a ‘conference ready’ poster presentation and 4,000 word article ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

Your Dedicated Tutors

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Maria van der Merwe

Maria van der Merwe

Jane Evans

Jane Evans

Gary Day

Gary Day

Kimberly Pierre

Dr. Kimberly Pierre

Paul Long

Paul Long

Founding Director of the Centre for Health Leadership

Alana Killen

Dr Alana Killen

Director and CEO Healthcare Governance

Richard Priore

Dr Richard Priore

Director and CEO Healthcare Governance

Simon Brake

Professor Simon Brake

Professor, University of Warwick

Carrie Marr

Carrie Marr

Strategic Health Advisor and Patient Safety Leader

Course Benefits

World Leading Brand

Graduates of this programme will hold a qualification from a prestigious Russell Group University ranked 9th in the UK and 62nd in the World

World-leading faculty

Our tutor faculty comprise world-renowned Medical Leadership experts. They work at the intersection of industry and academia giving practitioner insight with an evidence-based management perspective.

Networking Opportunities

This programme attracts very senior personnel including Chairpersons, CEOs, CMOs, DONs, Executive Managers and senior consultants from world leading private and public medical bodies giving you access to like-minded ambitious medical leaders who can enhance your employment prospects

Enhance your CV, boost your career

A masters in healthcare leadership from a Russell group university will help you capitalise on the growing demand for physician leaders throughout healthcare systems.

Putting the Patient First

The patient must remain at the centre of healthcare systems and good leadership is an essential component of delivering high quality patient care.

Easy-to-use online student portal

The student learning environment is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device designed with the busy clinician in mind.

A Truly global programme

Developed by Global Medical Leaders. Participants from across the globe (50+ nationalities) study together, learning from each other's experiences.

A world-class online learning experience

The programme is a truly transformative user experience. The content is rich, compelling, engaging and innovative. It includes interactive video, 2D & 3D animations, medical imagery and instructional competency-focused pedagogy.

Discounts and Flexible Payment Options available

We offer early registration discounts, bulk payment discounts and flexible payment plans to make this programme affordable and accessible to clinicians

Strongly recommended the iheed / University of Warwick for healthcare leadership program. This program very useful for middle management and higher to learn and need to improve your leadership competency, how to improve your work quality, healthcare services quality, growth in leadership career and build relationship across healthcare leader.

Supaporn Singhapun Image

Supaporn SinghapunAllied Health Professional, Thailand

Always enjoyable and a great opportunity to study virtually with a very helpful iheed team.

Reem al Hashar Image

Reem al HasharOccupational Health Doctor, Oman

A healthcare leadership programme that is well structured, rich in educational value and approaches to building leadership skills, and supported by modern methods and evidence relevant to present challenges in healthcare. Having used iheed in the past, the platform has been revamped to deliver a seamless online learning environment which is incredibly easy to use, and having completed 2 modules already I’ve found the programme administrators and tutors to be very approachable, knowledgeable and supportive. I enjoy the weekly online tutorial sessions in particular as it offers the opportunity to meet students from different parts of the world and to have an interactive discussion sharing and learning from each other's experience.

Dr F Haddad, MD, MRCGP, PGCHILead Physician & Head of section HHCS, United Kingdom

Your Questions Answered

The following are the most frequently asked questions about the University of Warwick Masters in Healthcare Leadership programme. If your query is not answered, please reach out to us on the live chat on the site.

iheed are an Online Programme Manager (OPM) that specialise specifically in the delivery of online medical education. iheed partner with world-leading medical schools to deliver market-leading postgraduate education programmes. iheed also work closely with health ministries and health regulators across the globe to develop CPD programmes for national healthcare workforces in key regions, particularly in the Middle East and Asia.

The certificate is awarded by the University of Warwick; the award itself is no different from completing an on-campus programme at the University of Warwick and the certificate is the exact same as for an on-campus programme and does not say ‘online’. It will simply state the course title ‘Master of Science in Healthcare Leadership’.

The Masters is the qualification you need for a career in the area of leadership and management while the PG Diploma provides a solid introduction to this area.

Please see the link to the Accreditation page here.

Please see the link to the Funding pages here.

Please see the link to the Payment options pages here.

Please contact your Educational Advisor for more information on pricing and offer.

Yes, please see the link to the full programme curriculum here.

To apply for your place on a programme, all you have to is to fill out the online application form, and when requested send in proof of eligibility (confirmation of your previous degree/other qualifications).

Healthcare professionals including managers, directors, consultants, and CEO’s.

Yes, you need to be working in a Healthcare setting to join.

A Masters in this area will really stand out on your CV and allow you to pursue both leadership and management opportunities within healthcare.

Yes, the qualification is globally recognised and as a top 10 ranking university in the UK this is a qualification you can use regardless of where you are working.

There are many job opportunities available in the area of leadership and management once you have this qualification, for example - practice manager, operational manager, head of nursing.

Please find attached.

This is a Masters in healthcare leadership and management but also covers administration.

This Masters will allow you to pursue a career in management and leadership.

No, once you are working in a Healthcare setting and have an honours bachelor degree you are welcome to join.