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Masters in Public Health and Health Promotion

Duration: 24 Months

University of Warwick

Why cure a disease in one when you can prevent a disease in many? Health systems across the world are shifting from a curative to preventative approach to wellbeing. Public Health specialists are at the epicentre of this transformation. If it is your dream to work in national government agencies, local community or voluntary organisations and affect change at a population level then Public Health is the career for you and this particular masters, from a world-leading Russell Group university, will exceed your expectations.

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Masters In Public Health Online Program Details

This contemporary curriculum was designed in 2021 in response to current global health needs.

The masters in public health online programme covers the traditional areas of Policy, Communicable Disease Control, Epidemiology, Statistics, Social determinants of health, the Impact of political policy and health infrastructure.  However, it also examines the new areas of significance in global health like climate change, gender and race discrimination, healthy cities, global mental health, and has a significant health promotion emphasis.

The course provides a highly engaging, richly informative and convenient educational opportunity for busy professionals. It is accessible through a dedicated state-of-the-art online learning environment.

This programme is provided by The University of Warwick in the UK, in direct partnership with iheed, a leading global medical education organisation. This is considered one of the best mph programs available online.

About the University of Warwick

About the University of Warwick

Ranked 9th in the UK and 64th in the World, the University of Warwick is a world-leading Russell Group institution. It is an internationally-recognised centre of excellence delivering the highest standards of education, research, information and materials to improve the quality of healthcare globally.

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Why the University of Warwick?

  • Top 10 UK university
  • 7th within the Russell Group ranking
  • A global centre of academic excellence
A world-class student experience

A world-class student experience

Developed by world-leading public health specialists, the masters in public health online program provides an unparalleled online education experience, blending self-directed learning with tutor-led team-based learning. Students will interact and engage in:

  • Weekly synchronous online tutorials throughout the course

  • Highly interactive content and tutor-moderated discussion forums

  • Reflective exercises to test your thinking and learning application

The programme management team provide superb mentorship and pastoral care to ensure high engagement and pass rates.

Who is this programme for?

Who is this programme for?

This MSc in public health online programme welcomes a wide variety of backgrounds. It is open to all those holding an honours degree or equivalent from a recognised institution. The course is particularly aimed at:

  • Those wishing to pursue a career in public health in the UK or abroad

  • Those currently involved in the practice of aspects of public health or who are working in health promotion

Programme Overview

This programme blends self-directed learning and Tutor-led group learning. Throughout the programme, you'll engage in: online group tutorials, tutor-moderated discussion forums, interactive case studies, reflective exercises. The programme is broken down into the following modules:

Programme Modules:

  • Understanding Public, Population and Personal Health

  • Global Burden of Disease

  • Environmental Health

  • Communicable Disease Control

  • Introduction to Public Health Policy

  • Public Health Action

  • Disease Frequency and Impact

  • Use of Routine Statistics

  • Study design and sample sizes

  • Analysing epidemiological data

  • Using epidemiological and statistical software

  • Interpreting the evidence

  • Social determinants of health

  • Health inequalities

  • Key concepts of social research methodology

  • Impact of political policy on health

  • Impact of behaviour and psychology on health

  • Health infrastructure and impact on societies

  • Defining Health Promotion

  • Settings for Health promotion and assessment of needs

  • Understanding individual and societal change

  • Organisation of health systems to support public health

  • Evaluating health system performance

  • Evaluating and communicating health improvement

  • The role of sustainable development and equality on health

  • Gender, race and other inequalities

  • Health cities, food and nutrition

  • Climate change

  • Preparedness for, and responsiveness to, global events

  • Global mental health

  • Introduction to health economics

  • Ethical theory in public health practice

  • Funding models for healthcare

  • Introduction to financial management

  • Managing organizations and teams

  • Policy analysis, development and implementation

  • Compare and contrast different paradigms and approaches to your research in Public Health.

  • Your research-based professional project will culminate in a ‘conference ready’ poster presentation and article ready for submission to peer- reviewed journals

Your Dedicated Tutors

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Saran Shantikumar

Dr Saran Shantikumar

Sadaf Lynes

Sadaf Lynes

Giampiero Favato

Prof. Giampiero Favato

Maria van der Merw

Maria van der Merwe

Issam Shaarani

Dr Issam Shaarani

Samina Hasnain

Dr Samina Hasnain

Uche Ikenyei

Dr Uche Ikenyei

Kristina Fister

Dr Kristina Fister

Course Benefits

Discounts and Flexible Payment Options available

We offer early registration discounts, bulk payment discounts and flexible payment plans to make this programme affordable and accessible to clinicians

World-leading faculty

Our tutor faculty comprise world-leading Public Health experts. They hail from prestigious universities and are actively working in the area of Public Health

Easy-to-use online student portal

The student learning environment is accessible anytime, anywhere on any device designed with the busy public health worker in mind.

A Truly global programme

Developed by international Public Health experts. Participants from across the globe (50+ nationalities) study together, learning from each other's experiences and forming a global network of like-minded public health practitioners.

A world-class online learning experience

The programme is a truly transformative user experience. The content is rich, compelling, engaging and innovative. It includes interactive video, 2D & 3D animations, medical imagery and instructional competency-focused pedagogy.

Enhance your CV, boost your career

An MPH is a compulsory requirement of Public Health consultancy training. An MPH also enables HCWs to move from frontline healthcare and focus on prevention rather than curative models

Value, Purpose and Impact

Major global health gains are made through public health programmes and not through the curative care model. Graduates of this programme have meaningful careers effecting positive change at a population level.

World Leading Brand

Graduates of this programme will hold a qualification from a prestigious Russell Group University ranked 9th in the UK and 64th in the World

One of the best things about the course is that you have tutors and students from across the globe, which leads to a more diverse learning experience. I have found the tutors to be highly available and I appreciate the great support from the programme administrators.

Stephen BaileyHealthcare – Executive Director, Qatar

The program content is very informative and rich. Additionally, the organization and the flow of the information on IHEED modules are logical and very much self-explanatory. I particularly enjoyed studying the climate change module.

Tarik Abu Elkhair Image

Tarik Abu ElkhairTrauma Data Specialist, Qatar

The modules are very relevant to the public health issues globally so it is applied learning. As a global programme, it is exciting to meet other like minds in the public health field. It fits very well with the other duties around family, full time work, social life etc. Very well supported learning environment both by the fellow students as well as the lecturers. 1-1 support is always available on request especially when you are to resit for the exam/assignment.

Cecily Mwaniki Image

Cecily Mwaniki UK

The program is very flexible, it allows you to attend to family and work issues at the same time learn. It gives you time to plan your programs and read widely as the tutorials are only once a week. The program is very interactive and brings together people from diverse backgrounds, cultures & nationalities. The Tutor team is always available to assist students even on one to one basis. It is not loaded with excessive assignments, there is only one assignment at the end of each module.

Walter Z MatimbaOccupational Health and Safety Nurse, Zimbabwe

Your Questions Answered

The following are the most frequently asked questions about the Masters in Public Health and Health Promotion programme. If your query is not answered, please reach out to us on the live chat on the site.

No, the programme is delivered entirely online. With this in mind we offer far more flexibility than an in-campus/blended-learning programme. There is one live tutorial per week, with the remaining time, roughly 6–8 hours of self-guided learning, done at your own pace and in your own time.

We have eschewed exams in this programme in favour of more applied assessment. There are essays due in each of the six modules in the first year, in addition to shorter assignments, one being a statistical analysis of epidemiological data. The third semester is a 10 month research project where each student has the opportunity to undergo a significant piece of research on an area of their choosing, culminating in the submission of a 4,000 word journal article and delivery of a presentation to the programme directors.

A Masters in Public Health does not in of itself confer speciality, but it is one of the most important steps in becoming a Public Health Consultant, and it is not possible to become one without an MPH.

Health Promotion is a core part of Public Health, supporting governments, communities and people to cope with health challenges, and enact positive change to prevent disease, disability and early death. Many Masters in Public Health have additional titles, Epidemiology or Nursing are other common examples. It is a reflection of the importance this programme places on Health Promotion. Upon graduation all students can use the postnominals ‘MPH’ after their name, as with any Masters in Public Health.

Career prospects with a Masters in Public Health are extremely broad, and often depend on your education and professional background. There are a broad range of opportunities in the public sector, private sector and third sector, such as Public Health Consultant, Public Health Advisor, Epidemiologist, Statistician, Social/Behavioural Expert, Public Health Pharmacist and Emergency/Disaster Prevention Expert.

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Please contact your Educational Advisor for more information on pricing and offer.

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