Learning Platform


iheed's core aim is to transform medical education and this is the inspiration behind how we develop and deliver our programmes. We believe that together we can achieve amazing results. Our highly-skilled, online education multidisciplinary teams put extraordinary effort into designing every aspect of your student experience from programme design to educational content and student support. All our medical experts, instructional designers, digital designers, software engineers, animators, videographers, quality controllers and project managers work tirelessly to ensure you have an exceptional educational experience. 


The iheed learning platform is best-in-class, providing intuitive access to programme content, weekly activities and assignments. We understand you are a busy clinician and have worked to ensure you have a seamless and intuitive medical education platform experience no matter where you are or what device you are using, We will support you on every step of the journey to quickly get up to speed and become familiar with the weekly rhythm of the  programme working through the online content, weekly group activities, discussion forum, online classes and assignments. Full access is provided directly to leading online medical journal libraries and learning resources to allow you to expand your reading and to do your own research for programme assignments. 

High calibre programmes with purpose-built content

Our programme content is designed specifically to be delivered in an online environment with busy clinicians in mind. It is carefully crafted to ensure an excellent learning experience that actively engages you the adult learner. Great consideration is equally given to ensuring that the content is both interesting and visually appealing, with a view to constantly motivating and engaging you. Our aim is to ensure your success by "making it interesting".

All programme content is built to rigorous academic standards, is evidence-based with comprehensive attribution to original sources. We use practical case-based learning, mirroring the real world working practices of your professional life  and competency based educational approaches to help you build new expertise no matter what your learning style is. 

Inclusive and accessible

When creating exceptional educational content and experiences we always embrace every opportunity we can to celebrate the wonderful diversity of nationalities, cultures and local customs and clinical practices of those participating on our programmes. We go to great lengths to equitably represent gender and skin types. Similarly, our engineers leverage new technologies, techniques and standards to make the programme content accessible to people of differing abilities.