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Can I do this?

Can I do this?

iheed students have varied backgrounds – doctors, pharmacists, nurses, community welfare, charity, research, nursing. We recognise that you are a busy professional and design our online programmes to ensure your success. Timetables are carefully paced with a flexible structure that allows you to manage your workload around work and family commitments. The one-hour, group tutorial is the only fixed time in the week. As a result, programmes have up to 98.5% completion rates and 92% of graduates are likely to recommend them to a friend or colleague.

You're in good hands

You're in good hands

Our friendly and compassionate team are with you every step of the journey. Each student gets an exceptional level of support from programme leads, tutors and our student support team no matter what personal challenges you face. You will meet with a member of our passionate and friendly student support team at every weekly tutorial. The team also actively monitors programme analytics and will reach out to students who might be struggling, to check-in and offer assistance. In feedback to iheed, 98% of students are positive on the programme support and organisation provided. We are with you every step of the journey.

Getting started

Getting started

Before starting a programme, you will receive a comprehensive orientation that ensures you understand its structure, supports and regulations, and that you are comfortable using the online learning platform. Many students are returning to postgraduate education for the first time, so we provide training on important skills such as academic writing and referencing. Programmes are carefully mapped from start to finish so that every week is predictable allowing you to balance your workload. Continuous assessments and examinations are clearly identified in the programme calendar – there are no surprises.

Get to know each other

Get to know each other

Each week on an iheed programme includes small-group activities and live tutorials, where students from over 90 countries share their experiences and learn from each other. Through these sessions, students get to know their tutors and one another, benefiting from the collective wisdom and experience of colleagues from all round the world . The friendships that evolve go on and on long after graduation and have created a wonderful alumni who share a common passion and commitment to improving patient care across the globe and making the world a healthier safer place.

The programme was a great experience with a highly knowledgeable and approachable faculty. Well structured content and a diverse approach to develop and facilitate educators. Along with a very competent iheed support team to ensure a seamless and smooth process towards achieving my goal of completing this master's course.

Roshanee Seth Image

Roshanee SethHigher Specialty Trainee (ST4) in Emergency Medicine, UK

I found this programme enjoyable, engaging and stimulating. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with my peers, and I look forward to learning more in the future.

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Hassan ImtiazClinical Fellow in Paediatrics, UK

I liked the weekly tutorials, which provided an interactive way to learn and engage with practitioners across various countries. The lecturers were welcoming and excellent, offering support through WhatsApp to all group members.

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Subash MawjiGP, Australia

All tutors were brilliant, very good at engaging in the discussion and allowed us to learn at our own pace.

Eleanor RobinsonPodiatrist, UK

This semester was eye-opening. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge, giving me more confidence in my daily practice. I use evidence-based information more often than before.

Sneeta Sushanth Kamath Image

Sneeta Sushanth KamathGP, UK

I was a late participant as I was waiting for funding approval. I found the advertisement on Facebook and never believed I would get funding for it. I spoke with an iheed advisor who made the process positive and pleasant. Thank you once again, iheed.

Shiji Joy Image

Shiji JoyNurse, UK

Your Questions Answered

Below is helpful information for some frequently asked questions.

Yes. You will be part of an exciting online class of 15-20 students who will meet each week to discuss cases and share experiences. You will also participate in online discussion forums. Our students give each other lots of peer support.

Yes. The programme content is built for mobile and works seamlessly across Apple and Android devices.

All iheed programmes are flexible and designed with your busy clinical practice in mind. This means you can balance your work, personal life and study. There is an online evening class for one hour each week. Other than that, You can fit your study schedule around your other work, life and home commitments – and study online anytime and anywhere you like.

The average commitment from students is in the region of 10–15 hours per week on a postgraduate diploma or 3–4 hours per week on a short programme. Aside from the scheduled online class, the remainder of learning can take place at a time that fits around your busy clinical schedule.

You will study on our state-of-the-art online learning platform that provides a high level of tutor and student interaction both in online classes and discussion forums. Programme content is a dynamic mix of rich, engaging case studies, videos, multi-media tools and access to the extensive library and research resources.

One evening per week you will share real life case studies and learn from the experience of your tutor and fellow students (15–20 per group) in a 1-hour online class.

These online classes provide a highly interactive environment to discuss the practical application of specific programme content and provide you with practical insights from leading experts to help you deliver better care to your patients. Over the course of the week, further moderated case discussions continue in your online forum for approximately another hour and is followed by a completion of a short reflective journal.

Absolutely. Many of our students completing programmes have not undertaken formal education for some years due to busy clinical commitments nor are they particularly good with technology. The key to success is understanding how much time you will be able to commit to your studies and mapping out a weekly study plan. The rest is easy. Our mentor, tutors and support staff will be with you every step of the way to maximise your experience and ensure success.

iheed has an extremely supportive mentor network. Each student is assigned a Mentor who understands the challenges of part-time education and busy clinical practice. If you find you are struggling, seek advice from your Mentor who will outline the range of supports available to ensure your success.

Yes, a basic broadband connection is required. Tests show a 5mb connection is sufficient. Your computer will require a webcam to participate in online tutorials.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding student support. Our Student Support team are available to respond to all student queries. You can contact them on

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