Global Qualification Recognition

All online postgraduate qualifications delivered by iheed are validated and awarded directly by our world leading University and Postgraduate Training partners.

Graduates obtain a full and formal academic qualification issued directly by a top-ranking institution and at the same standard and level of award as any other qualification issued and approved by the national qualification’s authorities. The award is recognised locally and internationally given the prestigious ranking and profile of our awarding partners who are recognised benchmarks of excellence in education and research and with renowned faculties.

iheed does not award qualifications and there is no reference to iheed or the model of delivery (online) when the University issues the formal award.

Full details on the types of qualifications and the quality and ranking of the awarding bodies can be found within the individual programmes listed on the website and on our academic partner page.

Country specific recognition and accreditation

Our students and graduates may investigate other forms of individual recognition, accreditation (including CPD) or approval locally from employers or national health regulators.

Local recognition requests often require an individual submission process by graduates upon qualification award. The requirements vary considerably across Countries and depend on a range of factors such as role and scope, experience, employment setting, local licensing procedures and career pathways.

iheed has graduates in over 60 Countries and we have worked hard to forge excellent relationships and active engagement through our global partnerships with local health and education regulators and employer groups across many global locations. We continuously look to secure local recognition and accreditation for our graduates and can help with individual submissions or clarifications.

While local recognition is important it is worth also highlighting the direct impact and outcomes we see from graduates across the UK, Ireland, GCC, South Africa, Malaysia, Japan, Australia, Caribbean and elsewhere who become recognised leaders within their field, enhance careers and use the new skills and knowledge to deliver better and safer patient care and improve outcomes