Module 5: International Health and Sustainable Development

Principal module aims

The module will give students a comprehensive knowledge of key global health issues and equip them with knowledge to contribute to solution-oriented approaches to these global health challenges.

Learning outcomes

Successful completion of this Masters in Public Health course module leads to the learning outcomes. The learning outcomes identify the knowledge, skills and attributes developed by the module, which in turn are mapped to the knowledge, cognitive and practical academic principles of the overall programme.

Through critical appraisal of literature, verbal and written discussion and debate with lecturers and peers, and submission of assessments; students should, upon successful completion of the module, be able to:

1. Analyse the global burden of disease.

2. Identify key global health issues relating to health protection, health promotion, health improvement and health services.

3. Formulate possible solutions to global health issues, including refugee health.

4. Evaluate the health effects of an event, policy, programme or project in a global context.

5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of mental health challenges and strategies to reduce mental health burden, particularly in low resource settings.

6. Explain how environmental change has implications for human health.

Teaching Topics

Week 1  The role of sustainable development and equality on health

Week 2  Gender, race, ethnicity and other inequalities

Week 3  Healthy cities, food & nutrition

Week 4  Climate change

Week 5  Preparedness for, and responsiveness to, global events

Week 6  Global mental health


Part A: A 10-minute (individual) presentation on a topic related to global health (30%)

Part B: A written report (2,000 words) on a topic related to global health (70%)