Module 3 Clinical Research Analysis

This Clinical Research Masters module introduces students to the fundamental concepts and procedures of qualitative and quantitative data analysis.  It will give a practical foundation for the theoretical concepts underpinning each form of analysis, enabling students to determine the most appropriate type of analysis for different studies.

Principal module aims

This module enables students to:

  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of various data analysis techniques.

  • Identify data analysis strategies relevant to a given research project.

  • Interpret results from data.

  • Communicate complex data to others.

Learning outcomes

  • Evaluate the conceptual underpinnings of a variety of approaches in qualitative and quantitative data analysis.

  • Contrast and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of various qualitative and quantitative data analysis methodologies.

  • Evaluate strategies for selecting appropriate data analysis techniques.

  • Utilise data analysis software to interpret and explain data.

  • Explain the critical components of data integrity, such as storage, management, collation, and coding for qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Compare and contrast statistical and clinical significance, differentiating between the reliability of results, and their impact on clinical practice.

  • Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate the validity of data outcomes reported in published research.

Teaching Topics

The outline syllabus gives an indication of the sort of topics that will be covered in the module.

  • Describing, Collecting & managing different types of data

  • Selection of analysis techniques.

  • Qualitative data analysis.

  • Quantitative data analysis.

  • Describing and summarising data.

  • Interpreting Data


Clinical Research Analysis Report (70%)

A 2,000-word written report, that includes:

  • A description of the rationale and justification for the selection of a data analysis technique in a given qualitative or quantitative scenario.

  • A critical discussion of the data analysis techniques reported in a clinical research study.

Clinical Research Analysis Examination (30%)

A 60-minute examination of the fundamentals of clinical research analysis, comprising MCQ and Key Feature Problem questions. The examination of this module will take place at the end of the module.