Dr Stephen Holding

Programme Leader

Dr Steve Holding was Consultant Clinical Scientist in Clinical Immunology at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (HUTH) and Honorary Professor at Hull York Medical School. He has previously spent time as a Biomedical Scientist in both Haematology and Clinical Chemistry. Recently retired from clinical practice, he continues to write and teach.

As Clinical Lead for Research and Development for HUTH Pathology he has led and advised on a wide range of clinical research, including clinical trials and other research, in collaboration with many specialties and professions. He has been involved in teaching and curriculum development for undergraduate, postgraduate, professional and vocational qualifications and training for over 30 years.

He has worked with UK National Committees with a strong emphasis on evidence based practice, quality management and good governance, including on National Boards and Steering Groups allied with healthcare professions. He has also served on the editorial board of Ann Clin Biochem.

Steve is Programme Leader for the Masters/Diploma in Clinical Research with iHEED/University of Warwick.

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Stephen Holding