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Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education for Healthcare Professionals

Duration: 24 months, 12 months, 6 months

University of Warwick

Teaching in the clinical environment is a demanding, complex and often frustrating task, a task many clinicians adopt without adequate preparation or orientation. A formal qualification in medical education is deemed by many as essential for career promotion and international movement. Furthermore, it is the foundation for building a clinical mentor and educationalist reputation.

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Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education Programme Details

As you become increasingly busier in your clinical practice, being an effective teacher becomes ever more challenging. The Postgraduate Diploma in medical education online course is for Healthcare Professionals and it is compelling, content-rich and interactive.

International educators of the highest calibre lead the postgraduate diploma in medical education programme, enabling you to contribute tremendously to the practice and training of future clinicians whilst simultaneously building a global fraternity of likeminded medical educators.

Elevate your professional identity as a clinical educator by using groundbreaking online technology and unrivalled theoretical and practical content designed for real-life application.

  • Postgraduate Certificate: 6 months

  • Postgraduate Diploma: 12 months

  • Master of Science: 24 months

About the University of Warwick

About the University of Warwick

Ranked 10th in the UK and 69th in the World, the University of Warwick is a world-leading Russell Group institution. It is an internationally-recognised centre of excellence delivering the highest standards of education, research, information and materials to improve the quality of healthcare globally.

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Why the University of Warwick?

  • Top 10 UK university
  • 7th within the Russell Group ranking
  • A global centre of academic excellence

What our Alumni say

Nameera Saleem Image

The thoughtful curriculum design, the interactive learning platform and the stimulating discussions make this course an enriching and wholesome experience! I have just finished one module and have significantly benefitted as an HPE. I can't wait to finish the remaining modules!

Roshanee Seth Image

The programme was a great experience with a highly knowledgeable and approachable faculty. Well structured content and a diverse approach to develop and facilitate educators. Along with a very competent iheed support team to ensure a seamless and smooth process towards achieving my goal of completing this master's course.

Roshanee SethHigher Specialty Trainee (ST4) in Emergency Medicine, UK

Hassan Imtiaz Image

I found this programme enjoyable, engaging and stimulating. The learning theory and its practical applications proved to be effective illustrations of how, why and when to use different approaches to medical education.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning with my peers, and I look forward to learning more in the future.

Jamal Omer Image

As a passionate educator who teaches at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, this program has strongly impacted my perspective on and approach to education. The instructors' dedication to teaching and their love of the field are obvious to their students. They collaborated with us and assisted in whatever way possible to ensure that we would be successful. Moreover, the curriculum is flexible and dynamic, providing in-depth theory and real-world experiences. To further your career in education, if that is your passion, the Master of Medical Education is where you want to be.

Jamal OmerPhysician/associate program director for the Pediatric Residency Training program, Saudi Arabia

Abdullahi Mohammed Lawal Image

This programme has been an exciting opportunity, it has been an introduction to a new way of learning.

The facilitators are Vastly experienced, the curriculum and Reading materials in each module are well planned.

This programme has allowed me to form a community with like minded professionals with common goals.

It’s a great programme that I would recommend for any health care professional interested in education and scholarship.

Warda Shafiq Image

To further advance my career in academics and teaching, I was looking for a course in medical education that could fit in with my daily work schedule. This Master’s course by iheed, which is accredited by University of Warwick is just right for me. This takes place virtually, which is easily manageable with my work and personal life commitments. My course started with a whole month of induction, which included a detailed overview of the curriculum along with continuous support. I would say since I have started this journey, it has enlightened me with new methods and strategies of teaching, which I have started to incorporate already.

Warda ShafiqHospital Doctor, UK

Who have we tailored this programme for?

Who have we tailored this programme for?

This medical education course is for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and healthcare professionals holding a degree of relevance to the delivery of medical education granted by a recognised institution.

Graduates become recognised as effective clinical supervisors and motivators of student learning through the application of:

  • Adult learning theory and interaction.

  • Evidence-based curriculum, development and teaching ️assessment.

  • Design, delivery and application of learning in a healthcare setting.

How is this programme delivered?

How is this programme delivered?

The postgraduate diploma in medical education is an online course that is provided through an unparalleled online education environment, blending self-directed learning with tutor-led teambased learning. Throughout the course, students will interact and engage in:

  • Weekly synchronous online tutorials.

  • Highly interactive content and tutor-moderated discussion forums.

  • Reflective exercises to test your thinking and learning application.

You never feel isolated in your learning with small-group sizes, a programme management team and tutor support.

Outcomes of this programme

Outcomes of this programme

Graduates are recognised as exemplary teachers and leaders, applying evidence-based strategies to teach and assess in diverse settings. Graduates:

  • become highly regarded as skilled managers and mentors able to progress the capabilities of others.

  • Obtain a recognised postgraduate qualification from a distinguished Top 10 UK university.

  • Secure local CME accreditation.

Programme Overview

This programme blends self-directed learning and Tutor-led group learning. Throughout the programme, you'll engage in: online group tutorials, tutor-moderated discussion forums, interactive case studies, reflective exercises. The programme is broken down into the following modules:

Programme Modules:

  • Introduction to teaching and learning in a healthcare setting

  • Planning a teaching session

  • Teaching and learning in different group structures / formats

  • Professional development for teaching

  • Assignment guidance tutorials & self-directed learning

Your Dedicated Tutors

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Julia Blitz

Professor Julia Blitz

Richard Conn

Dr Richard Conn

Sean Tackett

Dr Sean Tackett

Shalote Chipamaunga

Dr Shalote Chipamuanga

Linda Regan

Dr Linda Regan

Nagwa Nashat Hegazy

Dr Nagwa Nashat Hegazy

Shara Steiner

Dr Shara D. Steiner

Terri McVeigh

Dr Terri McVeigh

Course Benefits

Active, not passive learning

Heavily focussed on 'Learning by doing' - an active learning experience. Challenging formative assessments and group work to forge exemplary clinical educators.

World-leading healthcare faculty

International educators of the highest calibre develop the programme; medical education thought leaders hand-selected by iheed from the world's leading medical schools.

Strengthen your CV and career prospects

A Masters in Medical Education is the foundation for building a solid reputation. Most international positions in medical education will not accept anything less than an M.Sc.

A Truly Global Programme

Developed by international Medical Education experts. Participants from across the globe (50+ nationalities) study together, learning from each other's experiences and forming a global network of like-minded medical education practitioners.

A world-class online learning experience

The programme is a truly transformative user experience. The content is rich, compelling, engaging and innovative. It includes interactive video, 2D & 3D animations, medical imagery and instructional competency-focused pedagogy.

Discounts and Flexible Payment Options available

We offer early registration discounts, bulk payment discounts and flexible payment plans to make this programme affordable and accessible to clinicians

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iheed are an Online Programme Manager (OPM) that specialise specifically in the delivery of online medical education. iheed partner with world-leading medical schools to deliver market-leading postgraduate education programmes. iheed also work closely with health ministries and health regulators across the globe to develop CPD programmes for national healthcare workforces in key regions, particularly in the Middle East and Asia.