How to Become a Mental Health Nurse in the United Kingdom

16 May 2024

With the increasing awareness of mental health, there is a growing demand for qualified professionals who can deliver proficient care in this field.  There is an acute global shortage of registered nurses in the mental health field and therefore excellent opportunities to work in a wide variety of roles within different mental health services. It is a highly challenging career and can include caring for the most vulnerable in society with a range of mental and psychological conditions. At iheed, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals.

Our programme, the Master of Science in Nursing: Mental Health Care in partnership with London South Bank University, provides a world-class tutoring student experience for those who want to learn more about mental health nursing. For registered nurses already in the mental health field this programme will deepen your knowledge and understanding to enhance your practice. For UK registered nurses in other fields (adult, children’s and learning disabilities) or registered nurses from other countries, this programme will offer insight, knowledge and understanding of mental health nursing that will complement and enhance your practice and your holistic care of people.

To enrol in our Master of Science in Nursing: Mental Health Care, you must be a registered nurse on the register of your country's nursing regulator. This programme will build on your pre-registration education and training, it is not a programme that will lead to registration or the addition of a field of practice (UK).

Becoming a Registered Nurse in the UK

Pre-registration Nursing programmes in the UK can be studied at a degree or Master's level. The education provider (usually a university) must have been approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council to deliver the programme. The undergraduate degree programme includes 2300 hours of theoretical study and 2300 hours of practice learning. Once a pre-registration programme has been completed, you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to practice legally as a nurse in the UK. This crucial step ensures that you meet the professional standards required in education, conduct and practice, allowing you to work in various healthcare environments.

As a registered nurse, you must continue your professional development (CPD). In the UK you need to revalidate with the NMC every 3 years to evidence your continuous learning and professional development to continue to practice as a nurse.

Our MSc in Nursing: Mental Health Care offers a route to further developing your mental health nursing knowledge through an advanced programme that covers 8 modules in nursing and mental health which includes children’s mental health, eating disorders and other approaches to caring for people. Deeper knowledge and sharing of practice with others will enhance your ability to better care for and support people with mental health issues and conditions.

Why Choose Our MSc in Nursing: Mental Health Care?

Choosing iheed for your Master of Science in Nursing: Mental Health Care, in partnership with London South Bank University puts you at the forefront of mental health nursing education. Our programme stands out because of its flexible online delivery, designed to fit the lives of busy professionals who need to balance career advancement with their personal and professional responsibilities. You can download our course brochure online. By enrolling with us, you gain access to a world-class curriculum and hundreds of experts in this field from around the globe. Our course emphasizes a practical approach that integrates cutting-edge research and ensures that our graduates have a strong evidence base to underpin and enhance their practice in order to make a tangible difference in the lives of the people they care for. Join iheed, and be part of a supportive, dynamic learning community dedicated to excellence in mental health nursing.

16 May 2024