Meet the team: Anthony, ‎Director of Global Partnerships at iheed

02 Jul 2021

As Director of Global Partnerships at iheed (Cambridge Education Group), Anthony’s role is to build and manage a network of strategic partnerships across our global markets. This internationalisation activity requires strong internal collaboration with colleagues across marketing, recruitment, delivery and student support. The role is focused on market access, awareness and recognition for our expanding suite of online accredited medical education programmes.

What brought you to this international role at iheed?

My first interaction with iheed in 2016 was when I was working in Riyadh on a government project to attract global technology businesses to Saudi Arabia. I met Dr Tom O’Callaghan, iheed founder and CEO, during his visit on an Irish government trade mission organised by Enterprise Ireland (my former employer). It was exciting to see an Irish, medically led organisation with an innovative approach to developing impactful online medical qualifications with a global ambition. Given that I had lived and worked across the region – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha and Riyadh – supporting government ministries on digital technology investment promotion – I jumped at the chance to play a role in the iheed journey.

What markets are iheed active in?

iheed is now well established across global markets and we support students across 57 Countries on our online medical education programmes. We have a mix of established key markets such as Ireland, the UK, GCC, Malaysia and Australia as well as key growth markets across Europe, Asia and Africa. My focus in this role is on maintaining key relationships and partnerships established across our key markets but also on expanding into new geographies to support a wider audience of health professionals. Much of the early partnership development was around online medical capacity development with Health Regulators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai and Malaysia. iheed now has over 50 global partnerships and alliances with health authorities, medical associations and private health groups. We are proud of this trusted partner network and how it positions our online medical education programmes through local endorsement, promotion and recognition.

What do you like most about the role?

I am based overseas so travelling to meet our partners and graduates is always rewarding. The online student experience and engagement is at the heart of what we offer but we try to be locally responsive on the ground too. I have enjoyed meeting graduates and hearing how our programmes have a real impact on them and the care they deliver within their local settings.

As we begin to see countries opening up again safely and recovering from the pandemic, I am looking forward to being able to travel again soon. I even miss the airport routines and flight announcements! There is just no better way to understand new markets, partnership opportunities or build trusted relationships than spending time with people and understanding their local landscape and what is important for them. I miss the informal chats and coffee, the buzz of exploring a new location, the fun travelling on the road with colleagues and visiting our partners, faculty, students and graduates.

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Anthony Cahill, Director of Global Partnerships

02 Jul 2021