Dubai Health Authority launch Medical Education Platform DARB

15 Dec 2020

Dr Wadeia Muhammad Sharif, Director of Medical Education and Research Department (MERD), DHA and Mr Anthony Cahill, Director for Middle East and Asia at iheed

Last week, during the 40th GITEX technology week in UAE, the Dubai Health Authority launched an innovative medical education platform that was implemented by iheed to enhance the delivery of medical residency programmes.

During the launch, the first 5 programmes have been fully set up and implemented which will be rolled out in phases over three years across all 22 programmes: medical residencies, fellowships and internships.

“In the medical field, in particular, ongoing medical education is crucial and we at the DHA are keen to provide medical students and practitioners interested in further education with a robust digital learning platform.” Dr Wadeia Mohammad Sharief, Medical Education and Research Department Director at the DHA said.

DARB will provide comprehensive online support, instruction and training for over 60 percent of current trainees. iheed are proud to support DHA in reaching this milestone. We have also launched our masters of science in clinic research online course which you can read about online.

The project is part of an expanding partnership agreement between iheed and DHA across postgraduate medical education programmes. These include a number of Masters of Science programmes and an in-house blended fellowship programme for Maternal and Child Health, in collaboration with the Irish College of General Practitioners.

15 Dec 2020