iheed Co-Authors a Paper Focusing on Systems Thinking and Advocacy as Part of Health Training

15 Apr 2020

Currently physicians and health workers are under huge pressure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this is not the only issue health systems must tackle. In the Middle East and elsewhere, the impact of the refugee crisis is still being felt and health systems and their training mechanisms must adapt rapidly.

This adaption can come about via increased advocacy within training elements in medical schools and primary care. iheed has recently co-authored a paper titled: Systems thinking: advancing health advocacy training; a perspective from junior family physicians in the Middle East with authors from Beirut Arab University, Lebanese American University, Lebanon and Imperial College, London.

The paper defines health advocacy and places this within the Middle Eastern context. By doing so, it highlights some recent examples of health practice change due to physicians acting as advocates for social and health change. Advocacy and its role should be part of every health workers training, ensuring continual change and adaptation to local and national health needs.

You can read more from the paper HERE

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15 Apr 2020