iheed joins diverse leadership group with a focus on AI and Technology

25 Mar 2024

During a few, sunny days in March 2024,  at the centre of California, iheed were invited to participate in the Yardstick Management Institute. Dr Kunal D Patel, our medical director, partnered with Kelly McKee (Astrazeneca, formerly Medidata) to deliver an exciting talk focusing on patient centric solutions within the healthcare space, focusing on AI and its future role. This was part of the Institute’s wider theme on ‘Navigating AI & New Tech for a Diverse and Responsible Tomorrow’.

 Being amongst leaders from diverse industries, the group was convened to engage deeply on vital topics such as the future of work, ethical AI, innovation, diversity and inclusion in tech. Both Dr Patel and Ms McKee emphasized the need to act locally in understanding health inequalities and inequities, underscoring the need to consider indigenous local knowledge to achieve meaningful impacts.

Additionally, AI can, if correctly designed with regulation and negative bias taken into consideration, provide compassion but only if compassion is considered as an essential part of any AI tool. Ms Mckee demonstrated how the clinical research industry is embracing AI tech with the design of virtual twins and machine models, aiming to further engage with more vulnerable groups and accelerate trials.  Emphasizing this, Dr Patel also focused on the necessity to understand patient journeys so that AI can have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Such elements are essential for both healthcare and the wider tech space, especially when AI design is now part of everyday conversation. The institute was informative, insightful and exciting throughout it’s few days and you can read more about it HERE.

About Yardstick Management:

Established in 2012, Yardstick Management, a Diversified Search Group Company, is an award-winning, Black-founded, and women-led boutique management consulting and executive search firm. Yardstick provides strategic and comprehensive solutions to mission-driven organizations aiming to solve problems, improve performance, and foster inclusive cultures. Core to Yardstick’s offerings are support in the areas of organizational strategy, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging support, and executive search for the world’s most recognizable companies, including Netflix, Amazon, Indeed, Meta, LinkedIn, MIT, and many more.

(images courtesy of Yardstick Management)

25 Mar 2024