Covid-19 Webinar Series: Experiences from the front-line. Brought to you by iheed and Afya

05 May 2020

Given the East-West spread of the Covid-19 virus, an opportunity exists to share the real-life practical experience of public health experts and clinicians / medical educationalists at the coal-face of Covid-19 management in Asian, Middle Eastern and European countries with healthcare professionals in other geographies.

iheed are proud to facilitate a live webinar series in partnership with Afya (Brazil’s largest medical education group) during which, global experts will provide insights and knowledge into the outbreak and the tools needed to manage it, based on their own recent experiences.

iheed has assembled a panel of recognised experts from the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, Singapore, the USA and South Korea.

Here is the schedule: (*see below for all timezones)





Monday, 4th May


11:00 PM GMT+1

Resources and infrastructure for managing Covid-19 

Salman Rawaf,

World Health Organisation / Imperial College London, UK

Brian Chang,

Taiwan Medical Association, Taiwan

Watch here

Tuesday, 5th May


11:00 PM GMT+1

Changes in medical education due to Covid-19

Mary Horgan,

Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Sudhesh Kumar

University of Warwick, UK

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Wednesday, 6th May


11:00 PM GMT+1

Using technology for healthcare during and after Covid-19

Tan Tze Lee, 

National University of Singapore / Singapore College of Family Physicians

Alain B Labrique,

Johns Hopkins University, USA

Watch here

Thursday, 7th May


11:00 PM GMT+1

Psychology and wellbeing of physicians, patients and the wider population during Covid-19

Dr. Ciaran O’Boyle,

Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland

Jungkwon Lee,

WONCA Asia Pacific Group, Republic of Korea

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Don’t worry, if you miss the real-time transmission, you can watch still watch them back.



Brazil: 7PM

Ireland/UK: 11PM

Qatar/Kuwait/Saudi Arabia: 1AM

United Arab Emirates: 2AM

Malaysia: 6AM