iheed Listed as Part of the Global Landscape of Online Education Companies

13 Sep 2019

iheed has now been officially listed as part of the OPX dataset compiled by Holon IQ.

The dataset focuses on the $3.5 billion dollar online higher educational landscape. Holon IQ provide this dataset as part of their ongoing role in providing insight and data for the educational market. There are currently 80+ OPX providers working with 500+ global universities to support all aspects of the design, development and delivery of online higher education. Using an established, 16 point framework, Holon IQ have been able to benchmark core capabilities that Universities and OPX’s require to effectively and sustainably design, develop and deliver online higher education.

This $3.5B market is growing at 15% to $7.8B by 2025 and iheed are proud to have been recognized as provider in the specialist area of healthcare education.