iheed wins award at EdTechX 2019

21 Jun 2019
iheed team - COO Mark Naughton, Medical Director Kunal Patel, CEO Dr Tom O'Callaghan

The iheed team were recognised at EdtechXEurope 2019 with the annual award for their impact in medical education across the Middle East, Asia and Europe. At what is considered the most significant gathering of education technology experts globally, the importance of iheed's next-generation medical education approaches with their University, Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies and Medical Regulator partners across the globe were awarded.

“We are very proud of what our strong, passionate and committed team have achieved with our doctors, nurses, global faculty and alumni in delivering the latest  innovative approaches to online medical education that is having a significant impact on patient care” Dr Tom O Callaghan, CEO of iheed stated after receiving the award on behalf of the team.

Earlier in the day, Dr Tom O’Callaghan CEO participated in a panel with Dr Sarah Grant of Imperial College, London and Lee Newman, Dean of the School of Human Sciences and Technology at IE University in Madrid on innovation in online education. Lee appeared as a hologram, highlighting latest technologies that can be utilised to bring global faculty into the room in education. The panellists were joint in their views of how universities must keep pace with the online learning tools and technologies available to integrate into programme design to have maximum impact and allow students to access the education they need to improve patient care in a way that suits their busy lives.