PEL terms and conditions

QQI is the Irish state agency responsible for promoting the quality, integrity and reputation of Ireland’s further and higher education system. QQI has a range of statutory functions detailed in the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012. One of those functions is to make awards to learners who complete a programme validated by QQI.

To make these awards and to retain a record of each award made to each Ireland based learner, QQI requires RCPI, as a provider, to provide the Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), name, date of birth, home address and relevant results of each learner. QQI use the PPSN as it is unique to each person, and this eliminates the possibility of confusing one learner with another.

The PPS Number (PPSN) allows QQI to have a unique identifier for each registered learner and facilitates learners' access, transfer, and progression through further and higher education. Therefore, QQI has requested that all QQI Providers (including RCPI) register all learners on programmes leading to QQI Awards, using their PPSN.

While QQI is the body which ultimately uses a PPSN, they do not collect PPSNs from learners. This task is delegated to QQI Providers such as RCPI. This data cannot be processed, for example by accessing it or by storing it, by RCPI, except for the single purpose of registering the learner with QQI for the purposes of the making of the relevant award.

The programme fee includes Protection of the Enrolled Learner Insurance for the initial enrolment period. Where a student temporarily withdraws and returns, they are liable for payment of a new Protection of Enrolled Learner insurance fee.