Referral Scheme Terms & Conditions

1.    The referral amount that can be awarded on the iheed student referral scheme is as follows:

•       Refer to an RCPI Diploma: Receive €100

•       Refer to a Postgraduate Certificate: Receive £100

•       Refer to a Postgraduate Diploma: Receive £200

•       Refer to a Masters: Receive £300

2.    The referred student must put the full name and email address of the referrer (the same email address as associated with the referrer’s own iheed account) on the referral form

3.    There is no limit to the amount of students a referrer can refer to iheed programmes

4.    The referral fee can only be paid to the referrer when:

  • The referred student is on the ‘enrolled student’ status on the iheed CRM

  • The referred student is an active and engaged student on canvas and on tutorials

  • The referred student has completed the Postgraduate certificate (first semester) of a Postgraduate Diploma or Masters programme

  • The referred student has completed Module 1 of an RCPI Diploma

5.    The referral fee will be paid directly into the referrers bank account by means of a bank transfer. Please fill out the referral claim form here

6.    The referral fee cannot be deducted from the referrer’s tuition fee