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Studying online with iheed gives you access to world-class medical education on any device at anytime. Rich engaging, interactive content, discussion forums, journals and online lectures. Here’s how it works...

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How studying online works

By studying online, you not only have the freedom to choose when and where you learn, but the process of learning becomes truly immersive. Gone are the days of long lectures and lengthy note-taking, when you study online with iheed, you learn by sharing experiences and interacting with fellow students and a global faculty.

The online learning environment (OLE)

The easily digestible, interactive nature of our programme content and learning environment makes it the ideal choice if you’re returning to academia after a short (or extended!) break.

  • Intuitive, immersive learning
    A unique learning experience, our programmes combine the expertise of our iheed Tutor Network and Global Faculty with engaging online instructional content, real-time group discussions and extensive online journals and research-resources for self-directed learning. 
  • iheed Tutor Network
    You’ll learn from expert Tutors from the iheed Tutor Network. The faculty is made up of highly experienced Family Physicians, Healthcare Leaders and Academic Professors with extensive knowledge and passion in their subject area. You’ll interact via weekly online classes and discussion-forums.
  • World-class resources
    You will have access to up-to-date evidence based guidelines, an extensive library of medical journals and research databases and other rich interactive multi-media content that you can use to enhance your learning.
  • Anytime, anywhere
    The OLE and programme content is designed for mobile and works seamlessly across all Apple and Android devices, meaning as long as you’re online, you can study wherever and whenever it suits you.

What makes a successful online student?

When it comes to postgraduate study, the old adage rings true – you only get out what you put in. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re successful as an online student.

  • When you first login to the OLE, complete the Student Orientation.
    This is the perfect way to ease yourself into online study. The Student Orientation ensures you know exactly what the structure, aims and outcomes of the programmes are.
  • Familiarise yourself with the OLE – get used to structure of the programme, how discussion forums work and where to access extra resources and libraries.
  • Schedule regular times to study each week – with self-directed study, we find carving out regular times, in your busy schedule, to learn each week is the best way to stay on top of your workload.
  • Participate in online classes and discussions – you’ll attend online classes with other students with your Tutor on a weekly basis. Get the most out of this peer interaction by contributing thoughtfully and frequently.
  • Get in touch – Your Tutors, Mentor and Student Support teams are all here to help. If you’re unsure of something, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your support network

  • The iheed Tutor Network
    Each programme module is delivered by a specific Tutor from the iheed Tutor Network. Tutors are typically qualified Family Physicians, Healthcare Leaders or Academic Professors with both a passion for medical education and special interest in a particular subject area. They will lead the online classes and forums, and are the person to go to with any queries about the module learning content, case studies or assignments.
  • Your Mentor
    You’ll also be have access to a dedicated personal Mentor, who will support and guide you through the programme.
  • Academic Staff
    Throughout the programme, you will also interact with the Programme Administrator, Programme Leader and Programme Director.
  • Fellow Students
    You’ll have the exciting opportunity to connect with fellow students in weekly online classes and discussion forums to share your experiences and learning.
  • Student Support Team
    You’ll have the opportunity to meet with members of your dedicated Support Team either at your initial face-to-face class or online and can subsequently contact them at anytime via phone, messaging or email. They can help with everything from academic writing to technical issues.

Why study online with iheed

Learn from world-leading medical institutions
Learn from world-leading medical institutions

Learning from leading medical experts, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive and current clinical education.

Become a healthcare Leader
Become a healthcare Leader

You'll graduate with a qualification that is highly regarded across the globe, and develop a proactive, patient-centric approach to diabetes management.

Study around your work and life commitments
Study around your work and life commitments

You're in control of your studies. Whether you’re between shifts or on your lunch break – access our flexible, accredited programmes online anytime, anywhere.

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