Aideen Donohue

Senior Instructional Designer

Aideen is a veteran of the eLearning industry with over 3 decades of experience negotiating and delivering on multi-million-dollar training contracts for multinational corporations such as Ericsson, Verizon, Time Warner, Nokia, Citi, Capital One, Intel, Visa, Comcast, BT, and many others.

As founder and COO at Interactive Services, she led the development side of the business growing it from inception to managing over 200 development staff producing hundreds of hours of award-winning eLearning annually.

Aideen holds a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and started her career programming robots (although secretly she wanted to be an astronaut!). She was introduced to training development while working with Kindle Banking Software Ltd during the early days of eLearning, when deliveries were made not electronically but on 5.25-inch floppy disks! Aideen has extensive experience of the entire lifecycle of eLearning development. She has also been a classroom trainer conducting courses about software networking and banking software.

Working with iheed since 2018, Aideen has rekindled a passion for creating training (rather than managing the development of it) and her focus now is on instructional design of great training. The fact that it is medical training is a bonus as she has an innate interest in all things medical.

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Aideen Donohue
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