Dr Tom O’Callaghan

CEO and Founder

Tom is a practicing family doctor and one of Ireland’s leading digital healthcare entrepreneurs, delivering innovative primary healthcare services in Ireland, to improve patient care.

As CEO and Founder of iheed, he has successfully created and worked with a global network of government ministries, healthcare providers along with pharmaceutical, education, technology and donor organisations.

He plays a key role in leading research institutions to deliver data supporting the impact of online education on improved patient care

We are a leading global advocate in modern healthcare who passionately believe in the use of technology to evolve traditional models of patient care and medical education.

Tom has published significantly on the urgent need to provide these accessible models of medical education to address the global shortage of expert healthcare workers.

He is a regular contributor at UN and other leading global events and has chaired a number of large-scale donor-funded international public-private partnerships in health worker education.

Tom was appointed to the Irish Health Research Board by the Irish Health Minister, and has held advisory positions with the Irish National Health Innovation Hub and the Irish College of General Practitioners, as well as supporting and mentoring a number of private healthcare technology companies and entrepreneurs.

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Dr Tom O’Callaghan
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