Ela Zelmanska

Digital Designer

Ela is a Digital Designer working with iheed's Sales and Marketing team. Her focus is primarily on marketing materials, brochures and the iheed website.

Originally from Poland, after her graduation in 2005, she moved to Ireland to learn English. Despite having MA in political science, she decided to pursue her new career as a graphic designer, which was her real passion. In the past 9+ years, she worked as a designer for different tech companies in Dublin. She has great experience gained across a wide range of multidisciplinary projects, which helped her to become a versatile designer.

Ela is a big fan of sci-fi movies and she loves going to the cinema in her spare time. Her other hobbies include cycling, photography and entertaining her cat. Recently Ela started learning to play the drums… so watch out Larry Mullen she's coming for u(2).

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Ela Zelmanska
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