Giovanna Favero

Senior Digital Designer

Giovanna is a creative and innovative Digital Designer with 10 years' experience managing and delivering design solutions across several industries.

Giovanna holds a BA in Digital Design and certifications in UX, UI, Art and Design. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil. She moved to Ireland and joined iheed's Design team in 2019 where she was responsible for designing digital assets for multiple projects and programmes. Her current role in iheed is leading the Design team to successfully deliver the best solutions across a wide range of medical eLearning programs. She is responsible for managing the entire lifecycle of eLearning development and for designing new interactive components, medical simulations, interfaces and educational games to help enhance the experience of iheed's medical students.

Outside work, Giovanna enjoys photography, drawing, music and travelling. She enjoys keeping up with the latest on technology and art in general, and is learning to play the guitar.

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Giovanna Favero
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