Valerie Coone

Senior Instructional Designer

Valerie has experience designing and implementing training and education across several industries, including telecoms, finance, semiconductor, and healthcare.

She began her career as an instructional designer in Dublin, working primarily on content for Microsoft and the telecoms industry. After a few years, she returned to her native New York City, where, as a Senior Instructional Designer, she led the development of a suite of eLearning courses for the US government (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and a diversity training programme for a leading financial institution. She returned to Ireland in 2004. Over the following decade, she designed and coordinated innovative training programs for a leading semiconductor manufacturer as part of their workforce development team.

Valerie has been working with iheed since 2017, where her favourite parts of the job are working with the development and subject matter expert teams and finding creative ways to engage learners.

Valerie holds her BA in English from Vassar College, NY, MPhil from Trinity College Dublin, as well as BSc in Digital Technology and Design from Dublin Institute of Technology.

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Valerie Coone