E-learning in Postgraduate Medical Education – What Elements Influence Success?

When it comes to providing an ‘ideal’ course, is there a perfect formula? Influencing factors in the implementation of postgraduate medical e-learning. Read more

An eye for competency

Emerging within the education space, particularly from a health perspective, is the use of competencies. Some countries have used competency-based education for some time, others have not and it is only now being seen as a real option for training healthworkers. It is defined as Competency-based education, or in this case Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME). Read more

Digital learning: Another weapon to tackle addiction

Can we upscale the knowledge needed to deal with addiction and substance use disorder? We explore the role of digital technology as a training platform in addiction psychiatry.

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E-learning in the School Management of Diabetes

With the rise of childhood obesity and diabetes, e-learning module intervention proves that school management’s disease information knowledge significantly improves after completion.

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UX and Design - Do they have a role to play in health education?

How our design-led product changes lives and has a direct impact in communities where upskilled health workers can apply newly learned knowledge. UX Design Lead at iheed, John Conway answers these questions: How does UX improve the product we ship? How does it help thousands of health workers worldwide get a better educational experience? How can design aid problem-solving? How do we measure the effectiveness of design within an industry such as health and e-learning? Read more