Medical Education: Having a Digital Badge of Honour

With the world of digital health education constantly changing and the recent trend to focus on competency-based training, how can you recognise the milestones a student meets? A simple, oh, well done, now move onto the next part of your training may be enough, but the utilization of giving ‘digital stars’ or more could provide that extra bounce a student needs. 

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Medical Education in India – Understanding and Learning

During the last 30 years, the number of medical schools in India has increased dramatically, doubling in size to over 400 schools or colleges that deliver medical education. This is a significant increase, considering the number of schools during the time of independence, which was 23. Read more

Welcome to the Club! Well, an online journal Club

As a healthcare trainee, whether it be early in your career or later on, you are bound to be inducted into a unique club, that those outside of health are never welcome. Many of us refer to it as the Journal Club. Read more

Does blended learning enhance CPR knowledge and attitudes?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is essential in both the hospital and community. Some elements crossover in terms of approach depending on the setting and some are different depending on what tools are available. Read more

Want to study public health? Check the data behind the course, as evidence suggests the standards vary

Are you planning on studying public health or have you already had some formal training? If so, you may have to be careful as recent evidence suggests very few faculties are using evidence-based approaches when it comes to teaching. Read more