Health Education: Digital helps, but we must still learn from real-life scenarios

Finding the balance in health education between digital and reality learning tools. Studies continue to examine digital tools and the role they play in medical education. Read more

Medical Students: Lectures or your phone, which work best?

Not too long ago, well, I’d like to think that it wasn’t too long ago, I was a medical student. As a student, while being distracted by nights out and socializing, I had to find the time to study but also work part time. This was essential for raising funds for university but also pay the very high prices for the very heavy text books that were needed.

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2019: Beware what the festive period could have brought!

Cardiac health over the festive period: acute experiences of anger, anxiety, sadness, and stress around these periods increases the risk of myocardial infarction.

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The Festive Period, Health Systems and Are Parachutes Really Effective?

In some parts of the world, it has become darker and colder, in others, brighter and blistering hot. Either way, much, but not all the world will be settling into what is commonly referred to as the festive period.

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X-rays - Less Radiation, More Knowledge Please

Studies show that early use of radiology e-learning could potentially prepare medical graduates for life in clinics and wards, especially as radiology and our interaction with radiologists are essential. This work focused on medical students, but I would be clear in stating that exposure to radiology needs to occur at all levels, promoting knowledge and collaboration.

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