Diploma in Women’s Health

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Women-specific health matters, including pregnancy, menopause and disorders of reproductive organs, account for over 25 per cent of a GP’s time. Women are becoming increasingly vocal in their demands for improved understanding and management of their gender specific health concerns. They expect improved understanding, faster diagnosis and the provision of appropriate information to empower their decision-making.

This Royal College of Physicians of Ireland Diploma in Women’s Health, delivered in conjunction with iheed, is a six-month online programme, designed specifically to cater for busy healthcare professionals. Drawing on the expertise of national and international experts in obstetrics and gynaecology, the programme provides learners with advanced knowledge and skills to enhance the health of women.

The objective is to give a solid grounding in the management of common and important obstetrics and gynaecological issues.

  • Award title


  • Programme duration

    9 months

  • Validated by

    The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Entry requirements

  • Evidence of proficiency in the English language

  • Hold a medical or nursing degree granted by a recognised institution

  • Be involved in clinical practice throughout the duration of the programme

What will I study?

  • Week 1: History taking, examination and communication
  • Week 2 & 3:Physiology and Embryology
  • Module 4: Anatomy
  • Module 5: Drugs in Pregnancy
  • Week 6: Early Pregnancy
  • Week 7: Routine Antenatal Care
  • Week 8: Antenatal complications
  • Week 9: High risk/maternal medicine care
  • Week 10: Labour and Birth
  • Week 11: Postnatal Care


  • Week 12: Disorders of menstruation
  • Week 13: Contraception
  • Week 14: Sexually Transmitted Infection, Vaginal discharge, Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  • Week 15: HRT & menopause
  • Week 16: Benign gynaecology
  • Week 17: Infertility
  • Week 18: Incontinence
  • Week 19: Prolapse
  • Week 20: Cervical and Endometrial cancers
  • Week 21: Ovarian and vulval cancers

Programme benefits

Upon completion of this programme, you will:

  • have enhanced confidence in the diagnosis, treatment, management and care of female patients.
  • provide optimal health services for women.
  • communicate respectfully and effectively with women of all ages.
  • act as a patient advocate and coordinator of care for female patients across the continuum of female care
  • have exposure to research and current scientific evidence relating to OBGYN
  • have access to an evolving community of global leaders in women’s health

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