Deploying AI in Healthcare Environments’ iheed’s most successful masterclass

27 Jul 2023

On Friday the 21st of July iheed hosted it’s most successful masterclass entitled ‘Deploying AI in Healthcare Environments’. We had over 3,500 registrants and just under 1,000 attendees.  The masterclass explored how AI is transforming clinical processes and healthcare environments. By focusing on the critical examination of AI deployment in the healthcare sector, we encouraged the audience (healthcare professionals) to evaluate, question, and improve the implementation of AI solutions in their clinical practice based on insights from human factors and ergonomics

The AI Masterclass was delivered by the iheed CEO, Dr Tom O’Callaghan and Dr Mark Sujan. Dr Sujan is a Chartered Ergonomist (C.ErgHF) and Managing Director of Human Factors Everywhere. Dr Sujan is also a visiting academic at the University of Oxford, a visiting Fellow at the University of Loughborough, and honorary Associate Professor at the University of Warwick. He is a Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) and chairs the Institute’s special interest group on Digital Health & Artificial Intelligence.

The engagement and questions from attendees were plentiful, astute and indicated a deep level of understanding of the challenges and benefits that AI can bring to the healthcare sector.

During the masterclass we spoke openly about the benefits of AI in healthcare: Radiology and Medical Imaging, Diagnostics and Disease Detection, Personalised Treatment Plans, Drug Discovery, Predictive analytics, HER Management, Remote Monitoring, Healthcare compliance and Healthcare research.

However, we did not shy away from the challenges facing AI roll out in the healthcare sector and also addressed legal issues, data privacy, algorithm bias, and ethical considerations.

What a fantastic event! Thank you to our speakers and our participants. Please check out the recording here.

27 Jul 2023